Monthly update?

Sometimes I write.  Here you find the  remnants of sudden ideas stuffed into the small cages covered as words. One letter a month will inform you what I am up Yoga and Therapy wise, my offers and projects. 

There will also appear some words flowing around the things I learned about Yoga and therapy, they stumble over personal lessons I drew, and  get lost between  the trails I decided to go after. 


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Letter nO. 2: October 2020

Dear Friends,

Another month has passed and while everything has changed, what lies underneath it all remained the same, the yin, the yang and the Samsara of it all (more about this on my website:

For the first time in many years Berlin has become my home again, and not only a transit. I am meeting this known place and get to know her in ever changing lights.

I am very happy to announce that I started to teach in two wonderful studios: One is the beautiful Yogabar in Friedrichshain, you can find me there every Sunday at 11 AM.
The second place is Green Yoga in Kreuzberg, a really cool community, whose mission it is to spread yoga and plant trees. I will be teaching there every Wednesday at 9:45 AM. 
Additionally, I have started to do 45 min cyber yoga sessions again on Tuesdays and Fridays at 8 AM CET. It is an offer, where you pay 40 Euros for a month and can paticipate live twice a week, as well as access the videos through facebook to watch the classes, whenever it suits you. The other option is to participate from time to time and simply donate.

The changing  colours outside and the transformation of the third to the fourth season are leading to a lot of emotional upheaval within us. Also, I was told that the Indian godess of destruction and chaos - miss Kali - is in charge of us these days...which explains some of the latest events, maybe... ;)

If you look for grounding, connection, or if you long for a save space to give room to your inner processes, I will be more than happy to do a Yoga Therapy Session online or in person, just talk to me to set up a meeting.

The newest thing I do to is the yoga first aid offer for neck and/ or back pain - I combine Yoga with Ayurvedic massage to help you find physical release from built up tension. 

If you are curious about any of those things, please feel free to contact me via email: or fb: /FlowingTrees.

Keep warm, and cosy.

So, long.


“That is the way leaves fall around a tree in autumn, a tree unaware of the rain running down its sides, of the sun or the frost, and of life gradually retreating inward.
The tree does not die. It waits.”